Want This: R-Kaid-R is a Portable Arcade Machine

-Kaid-R arcade

Arcade machines are big and bulky, and they only let you play one game per machine. Regardless of that fact, they’re still all sorts of awesome and most people would sell an arm and a leg to get the machine for their favorite game. That is, if they had the space for it after coughing up the dough for it.

An alternative? The R-Kaid-R portable arcade machine. While it’s not really lighter on the wallet, it’s definitely way more compact than a typical machine.

The R-Kaid-R is the handiwork of DIYer Love Hulten. It comes in a vintage case, with an 8-inch screen, built-in speakers, and an 8-way joystick. The highlight is in the games that you can play using it, as it supports various consoles, from Mame and Atari 8000 to Game Boy Advance, Nintendo, Doom, and PlayStation 1.

Hulten is offering the R-Kaid-R for sale with various choices in case material. The downside? The €2,499.00 (that’s aboyt US $3411+) price tag.

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2 thoughts on “Want This: R-Kaid-R is a Portable Arcade Machine”

  1. TAKE…MY…MONEEEEEEEEEEY! 😀 This is the coolest thing since the mini arcade machine! For the quality of it, and the choice of real wood, I think the price isn’t too astronomical for the entertainment you get! Honestly what beats being able to play mario 64, or f-zer0 X at work on you lunch break? Or final fantasy VII while your waiting for your movie to start! I NEED IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

  2. jesus fucking christ this thing is a work of art! seriously im not even exaggerating and the amount of love and care he has clearly put into this thing i’d value it closer to $5000. this guy is beyond talented.

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