Want This: Metal Gear iDroid Smartphone Case

Metal Gear Smartphone Case

Fans of Metal Gear will be able to identify the inspiration for this iPhone case at first sight. If you were thinking of the iDroid, then you’re spot on. For non-fans, it probably helps that a sign reading “iDroid” has been placed right beside the case itself.

The iDroid is a walkie talkie-slash-holographic map projector featured in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the case pretty much looks exactly like it. The obvious downside is that the case is definitely on the bulky side. Heck, it even adds an antenna to your antenna-less iPhone, so if you’re looking for something sleek and compact, then this is clearly not it.

Metal Gear Smartphone Case1

Metal Gear Smartphone Case2


However, if you don’t care much about practicality and are all about the looks and Metal Gear, then you’ll love this case. It’s priced at about $74 and will be released in Japan this October.

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