WANT: Handmade Super Mario Belt

So this Etsy seller and leatherworker, Julia from Montreal, made an awesome belt for her brother that depicted the last level of Super Mario Bros. It’s intricate, delicately pressed and painted, and just looks great. She didn’t put it for sale on the shop, intending for it to be a present to her brother for his birthday. But then, the other brother in the family posted a picture of it to Reddit, where of course it was a hit. So overwhelming was the demand that Julia decided to make new ones like it available on her shop. You can now own the very same belt, or any other depicting similar levels, either in SMB or other side scroller with reasonable proportions. It’s a long process and each belt is handmade, so of course the price is high. She estimates it to be around $395 per belt, but she’ll have a better idea in the first weeks of January and will adjust her price accordingly then. Still, won’t be cheap, but sure as heck is cool.

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