Wall Outlet Mini Safe

Wall Outlet Mini Safe (Image courtesy Boomer Gadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

At times something well hidden can be almost as secure as stashing it away in an actual safe. Once installed this Wall Outlet Mini Safe looks like an ordinary power outlet (though all the outlets I’ve ever seen have the ground on the bottom) but is able to pull out from the wall and store some of your smaller valuables.

While the Outlet Safe can be ‘locked’ so that it doesn’t just fall out of the wall at an inopportune time, the lock itself doesn’t actually use a combination or unique way to secure it. So odds are if a would-be thief were to stumble across the Outlet Safe its contents would probably be as good as gone.

The Wall Outlet Mini Safe is available from Boomer Gadgets for only $9.95.

[Wall Outlet Mini Safe] VIA [The Gadget Blog]

9 thoughts on “Wall Outlet Mini Safe”

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  2. Actually just started house hunting and found it common with newer places to put the grounds on the top to represent an outlet that is controlled by a lightswitch.

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  4. The only reason that the ground is on the bottom is that it looks like two eyes and a mouth. The ground is most useful to prevent a conductor from sliding down the wall and bridging the poles.

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