Walk And Work At The Same Time

By Jonathan Kimak

If you work at an office and spend the rest of your free time caught in traffic then you might not have a lot of opportunities for exercise. So Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, decided to build a combination workstation/treadmill to allow people to burn the midnight oil and calories at the same time. His invention started to attract attention and many people started creating there own treadmill desks. Now a large company named Details has created a mass market version of the desk.

The Walkstation is built for slower speeds(2 miles an hour maximum speed) that allow you to walk and still be able to type at the same time. There are multiple versions of the walkstation including one that can be used as a walking desk or a sitting desk. Nearly 400 units have been sold, many to large companies.

The price for one of these is $4,000 and they are sold in the US and Canada.

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