Waleli GSM Doorbell Lets You Unlock Via Mobile

waleli gsm doorbellBy David Ponce

The GSM Doorbell, from Dutch company Waleli looks like a regular doorbell (well, an ugly doorbell with a strange flower drawing on it, but you know what we mean). But it’s not: it connects to your GSM mobile, allowing you to talk to your visitors and even remotely open the door.

While some of you may wonder about the wisdom of letting people into your home while you’re away, some situations would lend themselves perfectly to this technology. How about for when you lock yourself out? You’d just have to ring the bell, answer the call, dial the secret code and you’re back in. What about letting the cleaning lady in while you’re at work? Or, if your drunk ex-girlfriend wants to crash at your place… but you’re not home yet. Don’t let her get away! Whatever the occasion, it’s a useful product. It’s already being sold in the Netherlands, and Waleli is planning for worldwide expansion.

There’s no pricing information and availability seems to be confined to the Netherlands for right now. However, expect to see the GSM Doorbell become more widely available soon.

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