“Wakamaru” Robot For Home Use

Put Your Hands In the AIR!By Michelle Cheung

This robot has been in the news since the 2003. And now, it’s in the news, all over the place, again. What’s the deal? Well, it’s finally available for sale.

Developed for home use by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the “Wakamaru” is about 3 feet tall, built with various sensors and image processing functions.

It downloads the informations (eg. weather forecast) you need from the internet, sends messages, it does schedule management (robot morning call) and has house sitting abilities. It is also able to do face recognition, for up to 10 faces. 100 limited edition units will be for sale at the price of $14,204 plus a monthly fee of $135.

Check out “Wakamaru”.

Story Via Slashdot.jp