Wacom DTF-521 Pen Based Display

Wacom DTF-521 Pen Based Display (Image courtesy Wacom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wacom pretty much rules the graphics and computer animation industries when it comes to tablets and as far as I’m concerned they deserve to. But recently the company has been releasing products aimed at other industries that also rely on PCs. The DTF-521 Interactive Pen Display (aka the PL-521 in Europe) is a lot like the company’s Cintiq line of tablet displays, but with less precision and a cheaper price tag.

While the Cintiqs are really aimed at designers or Photoshop artists who require extreme precision the DTF-521 is instead aimed at other professionals who might also benefit from the ability to interact with their displays. For example a dentist being able to jot notes on a set of x-rays like in the product shot above. The 15-inch LCD display has a resolution of 1024×768 and is able to detect 512 different levels of pressure when the pen is being used. (In comparison the Cintiqs can detect 1,024.) It connects both to USB and your graphics card at the same time and even includes a VGA passthrough allowing for a second, duplicate display.

The DTF-521 is currently available on the Wacom website for $1624.

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