Vulcanus MK4, A Microwave Water Heater

By David Ponce

Finally, a breakthrough in the water heater arena.Pulsar Advanced Technologies has announced that, starting next week, they will launch the MK4, a microwave-powered on-demand water heater.

Why is this cool? Well, until now, you had two options: electric heaters that keep a large amount of water hot at all times, or natural gas heaters that heat up water on-demand. The first is very costly and wasteful, and the second is not available to everyone, especially those in rural areas. You can’t heat water up quickly enough with conventional resistance-based electric elements, as it would require huge amount of electricity, but with microwaves… it’s totally different.

The Vulcanus MK4 can heat water from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds and can source multiple applications at once: showers, dishwasher, sink usages and more. It is the size of a stereo speaker with a sleek modern look, making it ideal for condos and apartments, while powerful enough to serve the needs of any size family.

Think of Batman Begins, and you’ll get the idea. No word on price.

[Pulsar Technologies] VIA [Digg]

5 thoughts on “Vulcanus MK4, A Microwave Water Heater”

  1. Fantastic!!! What took everbody so long to look into develop this type of water heater ? I mean mIcrowaves have been around for ages therefore why the delay ? Thumbs up for Pulsar !

  2. Tankless water heater has been used in Europe, Germany in the 1964 when I was there. Here in north America energy is not a problem. But now think about it.


  3. We use a microwave to react our vegetable oil with alcohol in the presence of a catylist. Our reactor is a standard countertop microwave oven with about 20′ of pex tubing wraped into a coil and plumbed through the side wall of the case. This mixes, heats and reacts our chemicals almost instantaneously and is a continuous flow process. Oil and methoxide are pumped in with metering pumps and biodiesel/glycerin mixture are expelled into a separating tube, once the biodiesel starts to flow from the top of the separator the bottom valve is opened and glycerin is extracted and diverted for later refining. Microwaves are a fast, cheap and efficent means of heating fluids!

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