VTS RC Camera Car

VTS Camera Car (Image courtesy RED5)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve already covered a wireless mini video camera that can be attached to any kind of remote control vehicle, so why would you buy an RC buggy with a built-in one that can’t be removed? Well it turns out there’s a pretty good reason. The VTS or Vision Tracking System Camera Car will wirelessly broadcast a VGA video stream to an included set of LCD goggles, providing you with a first person view of the road ahead. But the goggles are also able to track the motion of your head, which is then translated to the camera on the buggy. So while out cruising you can actually look left, right, up and down to check for obstacles, or simply enjoy the scenery.

The buggy, LCD goggles and controller also come in a large black protective case filled with precut foam that will really protect your investment. And yes, I do mean investment. The VTS Camera Car is available from RED5 for about $1,172. So while you’re free to enjoy it like a toy, you might want to take better care of it than one.

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  1. Imagine the trouble some people could get into with this one. I guess if I were rich and wanted to drop this kind of money on something like this, I could see my son irritating his sister and her friends with this.

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