VoodooBuddy Brings Voodoo into the 21st century

VoodooBuddy Brings Voodoo into the 21st century

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever had one of those bosses that deserved to get knocked down off of their high horse? You know the type, and I can bet that you’ve all had at least one (and most of you have had quite a few). Well if you want to make yourself feel better, why not try some Voodoo?

I try and avoid topics related to the Occult here on OhGizmo, but this one really caught my eye. This isn’t your ordinary Voodoo doll, but rather it is the VoodooBuddy. What you do is enter the information of your boss (or whoever) on the VoodooBuddy website, then you can poke away at the doll. Supposedly you can curse the victim by poking certain areas of the doll. What is interesting is that if you do too much, it will take a picture and send it to the victim and reverse the curses. This is one weird geeky Voodoo doll.

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