Volvo Sets Out to Build Crash-Free Cars by 2020

Volvo Crash Free Car

Tens of thousands of people die each year due to car accidents. Often times, people are to blame, but that’s not stopping Volvo from wanting to develop crash-free cars by the year 2020. Volvo isn’t the only carmaker that’s hard at work building safety systems that will provide the driver with additional tools to avoid vehicular accidents.

These systems include: pedestrian detection in the dark, animal detection, road edge and barrier detection, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, self parking, and adaptive cruise control with steer assist.

Some of the features are still concepts, while others such as pedestrian and animal detection have already been deployed and installed on various models. Volvo also revealed that they would be releasing its road edge detection technology in the 2014 XC90 model, which will be released later this year.

These features are being developed by Volvo under their 2020 Vision program, which aims to have zero injuries and fatalities caused by Volvo vehicles by 2020.