Volvo S80 Car Communicator Improves The Keyfob

Volvo S80 PCC (Image courtesy leftlanenews)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of being just a remote control for locking doors or disabling the alarm the Personal Car Communicator or PCC keyfob used on the Volvo S80 takes a more active role with your vehicle. Thanks to two-way communication with the car the PCC can be used to lock the doors and will actually tell you if the vehicle is still locked if you feel forgetful after walking away. The PCC will also automatically unlock the car when you pull on the door handle and allows the vehicle to be started without the need for a key. But besides those luxuries it’s also very effective when it comes to security.

But the PCC is much more. At a range of 60 to 100 metres when approaching the car, you can obtain a security status report by pressing the information button. Different LEDs then tell you if the car is locked or unlocked, others whether somebody has interfered with the vehicle and caused the alarm to go off. A flashing red light means that the heartbeat sensor has been activated and that there is an intruder in the car.

There’s even an option for a level meter to detect if the car has been raised in an attempt to steal the wheels. Now I have my doubts Volvo S80 owners would ever park their vehicles in a neighborhood where there was a threat of having your wheels stolen, but it’s nice to know they’ve tried to cover everyone’s paranoias.

[ Volvo S80 helps to ease security worries ] VIA [ UberReview ]

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