Voltmaker: Twirl to Charge, Spin for More Power

Running out of battery when you’re in an emergency situation sucks, especially if it’s the real kind of emergency where your life (or the life of others) is at stake. The other kind of emergency pertains to running out of juice just as you’re asking this hot girl for a date on the phone… But that’s a completely different story.

The good news is that there are portable hand-cranked battery chargers out there that you can take with you anywhere, so you can charge up your devices anytime. One of these is the Voltmaker.

You’ll only need to twirl the device for a few minutes before your phone will have enough power to make an emergency call. Or you could spin it around for about two hours or so to fully charge up your battery, but you’ll probably end up with a hand that’s out of commission for the rest of the week.

You can check the Voltmaker out on Indiegogo, where it’s currently up for funding. A minimum pledge of $69 will get you one if you’re one of the early bird backers.

VIA [  C|NET ]