Volkswagen Type 2 Radio For The Hippy Crowd

Dreams VolksWagen Type 2 Radio (Image courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Once the symbol of freedom and the ‘peace and love’ movement of the 60’s, the iconic Volkswagen bus has now been reduced to a cheesy piece of craptronics. From the Dreams company (Japan) this mini version of the VW bus features an AM/FM radio (they can make them that small these days!?), jacks for connecting an external audio source and radio antenna as well as a small LCD display in the back window with as basic a digital clock as one can find these days. There’s also a couple of dials for tuning the radio and adjusting the volume, and based on the above graphic it might even make some kind of sound if you press on the front-end.

But if this radio brings back fond memories or happens to appeal to your nostalgic side, you better hope you were one of those hippies who grew up and got a well-paying job working for ‘the man’ since is asking $129.99 for it.

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