Volkswagen Gamifies Your Trip with SmileDrive

Volkswagen Gamifies Your Trip with SmileDrive

Volkswagen Android Game

Road trips are all fun and games unless you draw the shortest straw and are the unfortunate designated driver. Making driving more fun and less of a chore though is SmileDrive, an app by Volkswagen that’s compatible with dashboards that run on Android. The neat part is that you don’t have to drive a VW to join in on the fun; it’s playable on any car of any make or model, as long as you’re able to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth.

Once your phone’s connected, the app runs in the background and you’ll be able to earn achievements, stickers, and “punches” depending on the cars you spotted during your commute. You’ll get a “punch” whenever you pass a VW Beetle on the road and a “twinsies” medal if you pass a car that looks exactly like yours.

If you’d rather capture memories of the trip rather than play a game, then you can switch on to SmileCast. It lets you name your trip and tag passengers and have your car make an online journal of the entire journey. Snapshots of nearby sights and stops can then be posted online for your friends to view.

You can check out SmileDrive and download it on theĀ Google Play Store.

VIA [ Dvice ]