Vocal Smoke Alarm

Vocal Smoke Alarm (Image courtesy Solutions)By Andrew Liszewski

So it seems a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission published back in December of 2004 claims that regular smoke alarms do not reliably wake kids under the age of 16. In fact sleep specialists say that 19 out of 20 children will actually sleep through a fire alarm of 120 decibels, which is roughly as loud as being in the front row of a rock concert.

Further research found that kids in a deep sleep are far more apt to wake-up to a familiar voice which led to the development of this device, the Vocal Smoke Alarm from KidSmart. A built-in microphone allows you to record a personalized message which can not only be used to wake kids when smoke is detected but also provide them with important directions or instructions that may otherwise be forgotten in the event of an actual emergency.

The KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarm is available from Solutions.com for $29.90.

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