Vivitar 690 HD Pocket Cam (Images courtesy Vivitar)

Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam – High-def Underwater Video Capture For Just $60

Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam (Images courtesy Vivitar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Water and electronics do not mix, and even when a device has been designed to be submerged and used underwater, I’m still hesitant about doing so. Somewhere deep down my gadget conscience screams “NOOOO! DON’T DO IT!” and I usually listen for fear of damaging a given device. But according to SlashGear, Vivitar’s new 690HD pocket camcorder will sell for just $59.99 when it’s available, which makes taking the plunge with it, both literally and figuratively, a little easier.

Its ‘HD’ capabilities are limited to just 1280×720, and as far as other features go it’s pretty run-of-the-mill for these types of cameras. On the back you’ll find a 2-inch LCD display, videos are captured to an SD card, it’s got a fixed lens so you’re limited to digital zooms up to 4X and it runs off 2xAA batteries which are easy to replace as needed. Nothing particularly exciting, but for $60 it’s hard to expect more than just a decent HD video camera that you won’t be afraid of losing if it ends up getting waterlogged.

[ Vivitar 690HD ] VIA [ SlashGear ]