Virtually Indestructible Silicone Jerry Lamp

Jerry Lamp (Images courtesy Design Within Reach)By Andrew Liszewski

The Jerry Lamp is designed for anyone who’s reached over to shut off the alarm clock in the morning and accidentally knocked over the lamp on the bedside table. Made from recycled silicone (source unknown) Jerry is soft and flexible meaning it can be dropped or tipped over without any concern of it ending up in a thousand pieces.

It also has a convenient hook shape at the top allowing it to be hung or hooked onto the edge of a table as needed. The nontoxic and ‘hypoallergenic’ silicone does get a bit warm if the lamp is left on for extended periods but never to the point of causing skin burns if touched. As a result it also seems like the perfect solution for a kids bedroom or playroom since I can remember being the accidental executioner for many a lamp when I was younger.

The Jerry Lamp is available in either white or green from Design Within Reach for $135. And if it wasn’t for the fact the lamp relies on AC power it would also be the perfect accessory for camping or other outdoor activities.

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