Virtual Horseback Riding With JOBA

joba exercise machineBy David Ponce

If you were disappointed by the Thigh Master’s mindless monotony, know that you can now enliven your TV-watching exercise time by saddling up on Panasonic’s JOBA Horse Riding Fitness Equipment. You should also know that there’s a relatively decent amount of seriousness in this product, as it’s built in conjunction with Nagoya University to offer a form of horseback-riding therapy. It seems that horseback riding can be quite good for you. The machine features an

8-Curve Action with “Forward/Backward” tilt and horizontal motion that strengthens abdominal, side, thigh & back muscles. It effectively strengthens the spine and helps to maintain a good posture, develop muscle strength and flexibility and train the nerve system to improve motor function.

This is not your neighborhood bar’s drunken mechanical bull debacle though. It’s meant as actual horseback riding simulation/fitness machine, allowing you to cycle through several realistic riding styles.

And of course, “cutting edge” exercise equipment is always costly. This one will ding you a pretty $1,500.

[Panasonic’s JOBA] VIA [Xataka]

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