Virtual Dog-Walking Arcade Game Looks Silly, Sounds Like Some Sort Of Fun

dog walking game

By David Ponce

What you see here is Lisa Katayama (of TokyoMango fame) playing a somewhat outlandish virtual dog-walking arcade game in Japan. You stand on a treadmill, and hold a dog’s leash. The treadmill then starts rolling, and it’s up to you to keep the right pace: too quick and the dog gets tired, too slow and he gets bored. Then, if obstacles show up (say, a careening car, or a bully dog), it’s your job to get out of there, pronto.

According to Lisa (who owns a healthy 4 year old dog) while fun, the game is darn hard: her virtual pooch died within a minute or two.

We’re not sure if this is slated to be the next DDR (can you imagine the reception to this in America?), but it’s an interesting concept anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Virtual Dog-Walking Arcade Game Looks Silly, Sounds Like Some Sort Of Fun”

  1. The more games and working out merge the more people will enjoy working out. The more people enjoy working out the more people will work out. I’ve never understood how the old gym system ever made any money. I’d be willing to bet the workout is better when you are enjoying it than it is just mindlessly pumping iron.

  2. This game is at least 4 years old – has been in Japan for many years. Often you’ll see a bunch of couples standing around taking turns playing

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