Viral Video Awesomeness: Dude Does 31 South Park Impressions in Two Minutes

South Park Parody

South Park is one animated show that’s definitely not safe for children–no duh, considering it’s labeled as an “adult animated sitcom.” Featuring often crude storylines that parody real-life people and events, the show’s got it all: sort-of lessons, celebrity cameos, the occasional song, and a whole lot of humor.

As with most animated shows, a lot of vocalists come in to record their parts on the show. But if one day, the producers wake up to find that most of their cast is missing (well, it could happen)–then they know who to call: Brock Baker.

Brock’s well-known for his ridiculous but often entertaining Brock’s Dubs channel on YouTube. This time around, he’s showing off his amazing prowess of imitating voices with the release of an impression reel where he does 31 characters from South Park in under 120 seconds.

With videos like these, the actual video itself might be distracting because you might want to focus on just the audio part. That, and, you know, you can test just how big of a South Park fan you are if you can identify the characters Brock is going for without the visual cues and clues. For these instances, you could just convert YouTube videos to MP3 with this convenient app so you can concentrate on using your ears without any distractions for your eyes. It’s not limited to this, since there a lot of videos on the site that are more for hearing than for watching, and it can be a pain to wait for the video to load when the audio is all that you’re after.

Time for the big question: Are you up to the great South Park challenge? Can you identify them all?

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