Vintage Boomboxes For Sale

By Maxmillian Hill

For all you people alive in the 1980’s when Vanilla Ice and boomboxes were all the rage, I have just the thing for you: vintage boomboxes.

Now you can own a piece of history with such classic boomboxes as the “Fisher SC-300 Keyboard-Synthesized Boombox” or get your hands on a 1980’s Sony Walkman Brochure/Catalog. Sure they’re really expensive and don’t play CDs, but you don’t need CDs.

What you need is a vintage boombox for all those tapes that you can’t get to work in your computer’s floppy drive. I’m telling you now, this is gonna be all the rage, so get yours first and be the coolest kid on the block.

Check out the website, where these babies fetch up to, well, $600.

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