Vije Deluxe Webcam, The Ultimate Cam?

webcam.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

From the Far East comes the Vije Deluxe webcam from Savit Micro that brings, at long last, decent image quality to webcams. Boasting a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 1280 x 1024 resolution, and 30f/s @VGA 24f/s @ XVGA, it is not messing around. The guys at Akihabara News have been testing it and so far they say “AWESOME” in tests with Skype.

They will be posting a full review soon but from just looking at it, it seems pretty damn nice to finally not look like I’m a lepur [I think he means “leper”, but, hell, who knows?… -Ed.] when I Skype with someone. And sorry myspacers, your grainy, dark, moody emo pictures will now be taken with quality that shows how bright and chipper your rooms actually are. No word on pricing yet but hopefully cheap. I will post more when I find out.

[Vije Deluxe] VIA [Akihabara News]

**UPDATE** Actually I meant Leper but being that I am missing fingers, it is hard sometimes to type. Or maybe I meant Lemur?