ViewSonic 3DV5 Pocket 3D Camcorder

ViewSonic 3DV5 Pocket 3D Camcorder (Images courtesy ViewSonic)
By Andrew Liszewski

ViewSonic is the latest company to cave into 3D peer pressure with their new 3DV5 pocket camcorder. It features side-by-side 5MP sensors to capture 720P video or stills in full 3D, and using what I assume is a lenticular 2.4-inch LCD display (like what the 3DS will use) you can see your 3D content right on the camera without the need for 3D glasses. But for the full 3D effect the 3DV5 is compatible with NVIDIA’s Vision shutter glasses system for viewing on your PC, or you can pipe them through the 3D TV I’m sure very few of us have.

But if you’re completely lacking in any proper 3D shutter glasses technology, the 3DV5 also comes bundled with ArcSoft software that will convert your videos or stills to the old-timey 3D red/cyan glasses format of yesteryear, which is a more cost-effective solution. Surprisingly the 3DV5 is available now for just $180 which actually makes it cheaper than the 2-hour Flip UltraHD I wrote about earlier, though since it only comes with 10MB of built-in memory compared to the Flip’s 8GB, it’s kind of understandable. So you’ll also need to factor in the cost of an SD/SDHC memory card before you can ever really use it.

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