Videos Of An RC Battleship Dropping Tiny Working Depth Charges On An RC Submarine – Need I Say More?

Sorry for the double videos in this post, but they’re both integral to getting the idea across as to how awesome this RC battleship really is. Both clips were apparently shot at the Model Submarine Regatta in Canberra, Australia in 2008, and they show a scale model remote control battleship dropping working depth charges, as in actually exploding underwater, onto a remote control submarine traveling just a few feet below it. The video below appears to be the same run but from an underwater perspective, and if the cameraman’s startled reaction is any indication, those mini charges really pack a punch.

The videos also confirm my theory that if another world war breaks out using only remote controlled scale model warships, the Australians have already won.

[ Urlesque – Remote Control Toys With Real Missiles ] VIA [ Neatorama ]