(Video) Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard

powered snowboard

By David Ponce

The pesky thing about snowboarding is that you sort of have to be on a hill for it to be fun. Unless of course you’re ready to drop $3,300 to purchase Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard. It’s a 134 c.c. 2 stroke Power BeeTM engine, outfitted with tracks and specially designed to propel snowboards to speeds of up to 35mph. It features a CVT (continuously variable transmission) so all you have to worry about is handheld throttling and braking. There’s a tether system that will kill the engine if you fall off.

Apparently, some thought went into weight distribution and making the contraption as manageable and easy to control as possible. And, if you already don’t already own a snowboard, you can purchase a full kit for a mere $3,550.

We’ve included a short video after the fold. And you know, it sort of looks like fun.

[Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard]

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