Video Friday: The Great Office War

By Evan Ackerman

If I worked in a cubicle farm, this is how I’d like to spend my Friday afternoons. Plus, the video features (among other impressive Nerf weaponry) the incredibly awesome Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 (not due to be released until fall of 2008) in action:

[ Nerf ]

12 thoughts on “Video Friday: The Great Office War”

  1. I need to go work for Nerf, I’d love an armory of Nerf guns…
    But that lead IT guy gives IT a bad image. Seriously? A beret? Why not add a green shash and go sell Girl Scout cookies?

  2. @Roy: Seriously, it’s made it good fun, and it’s NERF. They’re not real guns. Maybe “Snakes on a Plane” was insesitive to the happenings of 9/11, as so many people had died from planes being overrun by vermin.
    Or maybe movies like “Wanted” and “hitman” are insensitive to all of the people ever killed by assassins.
    Or maybe you just need to grow a pair and stop finding fault in anything anyone does.
    It’s a bit of fun. Learn to differentiate between that and being offensive.

  3. @Roy: Dear ghawds, man! Go hide under a rock somewhere away from civilization until you develop a sense of humor! How many actual office shootings have departments form up massive armies and hie off to armaments lockers to equip themselves in military style and SHOOT BACK? Some companies actually have these little foamy wars. Lockheed Martin, apparently is one, and some IT departments have been having Nerf battles for years. It’s a great way to beat stress, and in such a way that actually helps avoid real office violence. Some places are recognizing this, and as this sort of thing also encourages their employees to pull together, there are companies that are purposefully sanctioning such little wars in the name of Teamwork, Communication, and the honing of competitve skills.

    Corporate culture sillness aside, I absolutely love this video! The production value is high and the antics are hilarious! It richly parodies the entire war movie sub-genre as well as finely skewering the button-down, professional world of cube farms and power ties.

  4. Terry. Yes you Terry Wagar. We know you are here. We know so much now.
    This time we will succeed. No more games Terry. No more spying on Joan and I.
    No poison this time, this time it will be quick and easy. Framing you as a pedo
    was small compared to what we have planned.

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