Video Friday: Candle Cannon

By Evan Ackerman

Erbert & Gerbert’s recently celebrated 20 years of sandwich making by baking a cake. With candles. To blow out the candles, they constructed what they’re calling “the world’s largest and most powerful air vortex cannon:”

I couldn’t find any official dimensions of this thing, but according to the website, the candle cannon is substantially larger than a fat baby, and just a little bit smaller than three ninjas. And now, the official OhGizmo Upper Midwest Culinary Review Team brings you an exclusive in-depth review of Erbert & Gerbert’s sandwiches: they’re “good.”

[ Candle Cannon ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

1 thought on “Video Friday: Candle Cannon”

  1. there is something very genuine and simply fun loving about this video. it has every hallmark of a “viral video” stunt to promote their company, but yet still manages to come across as just a good group of people doing something pointless and entertaining, and it gets my vote for having some effort put into editing, a rarity on the web these days.

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