Vert? Seating Office Chair Conforms To Your Spine

Verté Chair (Image courtesy Anthro Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance this office chair might appear to be ridiculously over-engineered but rest assured all that hardware on the back of the seat has a real purpose. Each of those 11 sections are actually torsion spring-loaded bearing joints that are capable of taking an exact impression of your spine. To make said impression all you need to do is ‘unlock’ the joints with a specific lever and then lean back into the chair with enough pressure to move the springs. Once you have the back of the chair shaped into your ideal posture simply sit in it and over time ‘muscle memory’ will naturally improve your posture while you surf YouTube and Digg all day.

The Vert? can be ordered from the Anthro Corporation for $1,500 and comes with everything you’d expect from a high-end office chair including a gel-filled leather seat and back, three levers for adjusting the chair’s height and tilt and a padded two-way adjustable head rest.

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