Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Lamp

Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Verilux)By Andrew Liszewski

Thankfully I’ve never had a problem with being able to fall asleep but the waking up part is not something I look forward to. The Verilux Rise & Shine alarm clock takes a nature-based approach to help make both waking up and falling asleep a lot easier.

Stealing an idea that the sun should have patented years ago the Rise & Shine will slowly increase the brightness of the lamp and the sound of the alarm in the morning which helps you ease out of your nightly coma making it easier to face the day. And in the evening it does the exact opposite, slowly dimming the lamp and fading the music or sounds away. And if you find your local radio stations too annoying you can also choose one of eight different nature sounds including song birds, harbor cove or a New England village.

The Rise & Shine alarm clock is available from Verilux for $149.99 and comes in either Ivory or Graphite colors.

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1 thought on “Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Lamp”

  1. Dang! Why is that all my school day ideas get marketed….. guess that’s why I’m in IT and not sales…

    Back in the mid-eighties as a kid with more time then money I did a bit of dumpster diving and came up with a discarded drip style coffee maker with an analog clock on the front. I ripped the top off (where the coffee grounds and filter go) and discarded the element (it would be not that many years later that I’d start realizing the need for actually making coffee in the morning).

    The element was replaced with a piece of wood and the top had a LAMP stuck into it. Along with that I also added an outlet to the side so that at the appropriate time in the morning both the lamp would turn on and my stereo – Sony CD play, with Telarc’s recording of the 1812 overture (hey who says kids don’t appreciate the classics!).

    Ah the good old days. The frankenclocklamp thingy is long gone. Still have the CD (and even the CD player)….

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