Velcro Reinvented

By Evan Ackerman

Velcro Reinvented

It takes a special kind of person to reinvent an old standard like velcro… I think a beard and glasses and an extra arm are probably required. Leonard Duffy managed to come up with “slidingly engaging fasteners,” which consists of an interlocking grid of triangular and hexagonal pieces of flexible plastic. Traditional velcro gradually loses it’s velcroyness over time, but this new stuff not only lasts far longer, but can hold up to eight times more. Furthermore, it won’t get caught in other materials, and adheres silently, making it an obvious choice for ninjas everywhere. And no, he’s not going to change the name. It’s slidingly engaging fasteners, dammit, and it’s available from Material ConneXion (but you have to be a member to get at it).

VIA [ Popular Science ]

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