Veiled Watch Is Damn Near Invisible

By Evan Ackerman

Veiled Watch

Isn’t it unfair that it’s not socially acceptable for men to wear jewelry? I mean, we like shiny things as much as anyone, right guys? Whether or not it was his intention (and I’m reasonably sure it wasn’t), designer Philippe Starck has created a watch that’s effectively invisible, blending seamlessly into a lovely silver band that you can wear without feeling too girly (unless, you know, you like feeling girly). [ Nope. -Ed.] The crystal face of the watch has been flush mounted and electroplated to match the band to the point where you can barely (just barely) make out the hands… Sure, it might be a little difficult to tell time with it, but it sure is pretty. Good thing it’s a totally manly and practical watch, too. Yours for $150.

[ Philippe Starck ] VIA [ technabob ]

1 thought on “Veiled Watch Is Damn Near Invisible”

  1. Com’n now buddy, just because you aren’t comfortable with your sexuality, doesn’t mean this isn’t a great design. I’m guessing that you could take a few pointers from the gay folks on how to dress. Good design is good design – don’t rag on it until you worn one. My guess is that either a.) nobody will even notice you wearing it or b.) if they do, they will be intrigued and ask you about it – think about the possibilities (just another conversation starter with the ladies)

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