Vax 77 Keyboard Folds Up For Easy Transporting

Vax 77

By Luke Anderson

I’m no musician, but I can’t imagine the difficulty one would have transporting their instruments. Taking something such as a keyboard onto an airplane just doesn’t sound like something that’s going to happen. That is unless you’ve got an Infinite Response Vax 77.

This cool keyboard actually folds in half and comes with a nice carrying case that is slightly smaller than the FAA regulation carry-on size. This isn’t just handy when flying on a plane, as keyboards are something of a pain to carry around anyway. The Vax 77 keyboards are custom made, so you’ll have to contact them for pricing details. I’m pretty sure that there’s an old saying that applies here. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

[Infinite Response] VIA [Technabob]