Vavolo PCPAL 3-In-1 Wireless Mouse

Vavolo PCPAL Wireless Mouse (Image courtesy Vavolo)By Andrew Liszewski

We’re just starting to see computer mouses that are slim enough to be stowed in a notebook’s PCMCIA slot but Vavolo has already upped the ante with their PCPAL model. From what I can tell it’s definitely wireless and uses a USB adapter which they claim fits inside the mouse itself when not in use.

In addition to functioning like a mouse though the PCPAL also includes the necessary buttons to work as a PC remote for controlling video, audio or even PowerPoint presentations and even has a built-in laser pointer. It’s completely plug and play meaning there’s no extra drivers to install and it has a wireless range of about 10 meters which isn’t too shabby. Oddly enough the Vavolo website also mentions the PCPAL can function as a keyboard too but something tells me the complete lack of any alphabet buttons could make that a bit difficult.

The PCPAL Wireless Mouse is available on the Vavolo website for $39.99.

BTW, I spent more time than I should have researching whether or not the plural of computer mouse was ‘mice’ or ‘mouses’ and ended up choosing the latter since it sounded less dumb. However I’m curious what others think is more correct so if you have an opinion please feel free to post it in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Vavolo PCPAL 3-In-1 Wireless Mouse”

  1. Hi,
    since I’m not a native speaker but surely sourrounded by the english language, you might be interested in my opinion.
    Acualy, in every dictionary I looked, mice seems to be the correct form (for computer mice also). Besides this, I personaly think that mouses sounds more dumb 😉
    But – oh well, everyone will know what you’re talking about anyway.
    Thanks for your great site!
    Greetz, Felix!

  2. Right, mice is correct. But also mouses was used long time ago to refer computer’s mice. Now most of the computer books use mice, but in the late 90’s the word mouses was also used.

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