Vase In A Card

Vase in a Card (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

The next time you bring someone flowers why not throw in one of these unique cards that includes an actual vase inside. Well not an actual glass vase of course, but a flat thin piece of plastic that can actually be transformed into a vase of any design.

Once you’ve received all the accolades and praise for your thoughtful gesture of flowers and a card simply take the flat piece of plastic and run it under hot water until it becomes malleable. Then using your hands you can shape the plastic into something resembling a vase and when your creation is complete just run it under cold water to stabilise its shape. It will safely hold water without leaking and when the flowers eventually do die just run it under hot water again, flatten it out, dry it off and store it until needed again.

The ‘Card in a Vase’ as Gadget Storm oddly refers to it is available on their website for ?4.95 in various colors.

[Vase in a Card @ Gadget Storm]

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