VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum Motorhome

VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum (Images courtesy VARIOmobil)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s nice to know that in this troubled economy there are still people who are willing and able to drop over $1.4 million on a motorhome, though ‘mobile luxury apartment’ seems to be a better description for this thing. The VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum comes with every amenity one could ever want including cherry wood accents, leather upholstery, corian countertops in the kitchen, granite flooring, a dish washer, a rain shower, mirrored sliding doors in the bedroom, LCD TVs, a satellite system and of course a Bose stereo.

But the most notable and obvious feature of the Perfect 1200 Platinum is the garage located ’round back that uses a hydraulic system to house a compact car like a Cooper Mini. Now it isn’t the first RV I’ve written about with a built-in garage, but it’s definitely the most assinine nicest.

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  1. I like the looks too, and compared to the Smart is down right sexy! In fact, everything about this Motorhome seems (can't say for sure) better than the Smart.
    big doors, more cargo room (rear seats down), better styling.

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