Van Der Led WM2 Watchphone With Numberpad

Van Der Led WM2 Watchphone With Numberpad


By Evan Ackerman

I really, really want a watch phone. I use my cellphone for two things: making phone calls, and checking the time, so if someone can stuff all that into a wrist-sized gadget and then actually produce and sell the thing, it would make me very happy. LG is working on one, and Epoq had something about a month ago (that is still not available, BTW), but this watchphone from Van Der Led has the distinction of being in physical existence and supposedly for sale right now (although their website isn’t working for me). The phone itself has average specs (quad band GSM, stereo Bluetooth, 260k color touchscreen display, 1gb storage, and 240 hours / 300 mins of standby / talk time), but I really like the numberpad on the wristband. Sure, it’s a little bit ugly and bulky, but not so much of either that I wouldn’t wear one.

The Van Der Led WM2 should be about $475 if you can find it somewhere.

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