Valve’s Portal

By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve spent a good 20 years or so of my life playing video games on nearly every type of computer and gaming system imagineable and as a result these days I definitely lean towards games that can bring something new and innovative to the table. Without a doubt Half-Life 2 and the gravity gun fit that bill and it seems like Valve’s got a few new ideas for the FPS genre in the works as well.

‘Portal’ is a new game that uses a special weapon capable of firing usable portals wherever you need a quick escape. Describing it is difficult but watching the video above makes it all clear why this could make for some brilliant deathmatches. (And yes I know the recent ‘Prey’ uses a similar idea but I hated that game.)

While it was originally rumored this new weapon would appear in the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 package, according to EA ‘Portal’ will actually be bundled as a standalone game set in the Half-Life 2 world.


6 thoughts on “Valve’s Portal”

  1. that’s pretty amazing-i havnt seen anything like that before-as someone who has lost touch with gaming due to a feeling of repetitiveness in the industry I’d have to say that make me want to game again-it’s bloody awesome

  2. I think that the concept is very nice but…. what about other guns? I mean, for example, HL2 had the innovative gravity gun (or zero point energy gun, it is the same) but the game was much more than just one good idea.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but in my opinion, Portal will be quite boring after the first hours of gaming.

  3. i think that this game looks amazing. i like to see that Valve are yet again looking outside of the box (although with a portal device this is not difficult). i would be a bit sceptical about the speed of the game. would the endless portasls provide the possibility of a system crash??

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