Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: A Perfect Present for Your Kinda Girl

Valentine's Gift

It’s less than a week before Valentine’s–that dreadful day where it seems like there’s no pleasing your suddenly over-expectant girlfriend. There’s only one thing to do if she’s been bitten by the Valentine bug: give her a night to remember and a present she’ll treasure forever. Or until next year, that is, when you’ll have to do it all over again.

We’re well aware of the fact that every girl’s different, and that one woman’s treasure might be less of a gem in the eyes of another. With that in mind, we put this last-minute Valentine’s day gift guide together to give you a little nudge in the right direction so you can find the perfect present for your kinda girl.

For the Fashionista

R2D2 Black Milk Dress

Artoo Dress ($134) or Artoo 2.0 Dress ($134)

Who doesn’t love R2D2? He’s as expressive as robots can get and he’s easily every girl’s favorite character from Star Wars. Not only does tbe Artoo or Artoo 2.0 dress from Black Milk Clothing make the android shine, but it’ll also let your girl flaunt her curves with its bodycon fit. If bots aren’t her thing, then maybe some of these other dresses from BMC’s line-up might be more up her alley.

For the Workaholic

Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Wall Calendar Vinyl Decal ($64)

There’s no sense in trying to change a workaholic’s spots. What you can do instead is give her the tools she needs to set her schedule and manage her time better, like the chalkboard wall calendar vinyl decal that lets her write down important events she needs to remember on the relevant date on the calendar. It works with chalk and chalk ink pens, in case she wants to avoid the mess.

For the Fitness Buff

Compression Socks

Sheer Floral Knee High ($37.99) or Classic Checker Knee High ($14.99)

People sustain all sorts of injuries when they exercise. I’m sure your girl probably already has a few pairs of compression stockings in her closet since she’s a huge fitness buff and all, but hey, a girl can’t have too many pairs, right? The sheer floral knee highs will give her that sexy oomph, while the classic checkered ones will give her a preppy vibe.
Ear Ear Buds

Ear Buddies Ear Buds ($12.95)

These quirky ear buds will give people the impression that your girl has some sort of weird earception thing going on in her lobes. Earception–an ear within an ear, get it? Staying true to their appearance, these ear buds offer great sound while providing a comfortable fit and are compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

For the Foodie

Sesame Street Cookie Cutters

Sesame Street Sandwich Cookie Cutters ($5.99)

Give your girl a gift that gives back to you: cookie cutters. Sesame Street seems like a safe choice, since a whole generation of us probably watched the show growing up. If she’s not into the gang, then you can easily find other equally geeky cookie cutters online, like these Angry Birds or Meme Cookie Cutters. She’s happy, you’ll be happy that she’s happy, and your stomach will thank you for it.

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  1. Those stockings sure come on a scarily skinny girl. Look at that wrist alone! The legs are horridly skinny to. Anorexia? Or just scary photoshopping?

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