V-Dimension Solar Bags

V-Dimension Solar Bags (Images courtesy V-Dimension)
By Andrew Liszewski

Why carry around some heavy backup-battery for recharging your gadgets on-the-go when there’s that giant source of power burning in the sky all day? Now I don’t know where the V-Dimension is, but the company of the same name produces a line of bags with a built-in solar cell for recharging your phone, PDA or other small gadgets without the need for an AC outlet.

The Solar Corporate Travel Case, the Optical Messenger and the HELIUS Backpack are all capable of recharging a single device in about 2 hours. They include an assortment of different adapters that support the most popular devices on the market (iPhone, iPod, Razr etc.) and will even store enough power for 2 full charges when the sun isn’t shining.

The three different bags are all available on the V-Dimension website for $129.95 each, in your choice of black, dark black, night black, space black and black. Additional adapters are also available for $1.99.

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