Use The Force And Go Green With These Star Wars Tees


By Chris Scott Barr

I don’t consider myself to be the tree hugging type, but I do try any recycle when I can. By that I of course mean when it takes no additional effort on my part. Hey, at least I’m honest. Anyway, you don’t usually find me out trying to persuade others to do their part for the environment. However, with the release of these Green Star Wars Tees, I might just start spreading the word.

Zazzle has a collection of Star Wars shirts that each have a simple message about being being more environmentally friendly. The shirts don’t look too cheesy, so your average Star Wars geek won’t think twice about wearing it outside. Not that we go outside that often. There are six designs that can be found on several different shirt styles for around $27 each.

[ Zazzle ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

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