Use Bluetooth Signals To Open Your Garage Door

Use Bluetooth Signals To Open Your Garage Door


By Chris Scott Barr

You know what I hate? Pushing buttons. Sure, pressing one might save me the effort of doing a task that would otherwise require strenuous amounts of work, but it’s just damn annoying. Take my garage door opener for example. When I’m pulling in my driveway, I have to press the button on my remote two, sometimes three times while still focusing on my very slow driving. It’s so bad that I’ve been tempted just to park outside and go through the front door, but then I’d have to use a key. Don’t even get me started on keys.

The Blueguard Self-opening Door is a handy little contraption that uses a Bluetooth signal from your cell phone to open up the door when you’re approaching. This eliminates the need for one of those little garage door clickers that you’ve got attached to your sun vizor. My first obvious concern was that every time I walked to the kitchen my garage would open, but apparently it’s smart enough to detect whether or not you are approaching in a vehicle. Unfortunately there is no information on pricing. Oh, and just so we’re clear, despite the fact that I was extremely sarcastic in my opening paragraph, I would totally buy one of these if the price was right.

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