USB Volcano Demands USB Virgins

By Evan Ackerman

Volcanoes, in general, are pretty badass, even if they are on occasion responsible for natural disasters and awful movies. Thanks to the power of USB, you are now able to exhibit that sort of power on your desk with an authentic USB volcano. I guess technically it’s a submarine volcano, since it sits in a tank of water. A fan in the base of the, uh, cinder cone pumps “lava beads” up out of the vent, and some high-intensity red LEDs make everything look all lava-y. It can be powered entirely through USB, but if you have no more virgin USB ports to sacrifice to the angry USB volcano gods, you can sacrifice two AA batteries to it instead.

Gadget4all has a little video of the USB volcano erupting, if you’d like to be unimpressed. Cost: $18.

[ gadget4all ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]