USB Storage Rocks

Mass Storage StoneBy Evan Ackerman

We could probably write about a new USB flash drive design every single day from now until the death of the Internet, but the Mass Storage Stone, while perhaps not the best idea in the world, is strangely appealing in a simple and unassuming sort of way. The upsides: it’s like a stone, textured and slightly cold to the touch, and (I imagine) quite durable. The downsides: you have to use a cable to access it, there don’t seem to be any ice blue LED lights, and it’s likely to be mistaken for an actual rock and thrown into the nearest lake or at the nearest witch. Oh, and it’s only a prototype, so you can’t get one.

[ Studio Leung ] VIA [ swissmiss ]

2 thoughts on “USB Storage Rocks”

  1. Nice designer USB device, i wish such functional devices are produced in every freaky shape to serve the dual-purpose of designing out home alongwith serving our needs.

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