USB Moomoo Shows How Much You Care

By Evan Ackerman

Doesn’t get much cuter than this… Moomoo is a USB-enabled cow that lives on your desk, and is somehow attached to software that lets it communicate with a second Moomoo cow. If you push a button on Moomoo, its companion (ideally located in close proximity to your special someone) will moo at them and start glowing. Just to, you know, show them that you care enough to poke a cow (as opposed to actually coming home early or flowers or diamonds or, uh, calling). It looks like you have three different moo buttons to choose from, each one presumably communicating something bovinely profound. I’d buy one of these if for no other reason than I like things that moo, but it looks like it was just a class project and isn’t actually being produced. What an udder shame that is… An udder shame.

VIA [ Everything USB ]

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