USB Lock Keeps Your Flash Drive Contents Safe

By Luke Anderson

We love that technology advances mean that gadgets are always being made smaller and smaller. While that does mean you’ll be able to tote around more stuff, it also means that there’s a better chance you will misplace your gadgetry. USB flash drives are probably the most easily lost of the common gadgets. I’ve probably lost a dozen or more of the little things, which is why I never put anything sensitive on them. So how does one keep the data on their flash drive safe even when it is in the hands of someone else? You could encrypt it, or you could put a physical lock on your drive.

Yes, this interesting contraption is a simple combination lock for flash drive. It could be put on any USB cord, but I don’t think it would be quite as useful (unless you’re just wanting to mess with people in the office). The theory is that without the code, you would have to break the USB connector in order to get the lock off. Unfortunately I don’t think a three digit lock is going to stop anyone that’s determined. With something that small, they could simply pocket it and figure out the code later. One of these simple locks will run you around $9.

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2 thoughts on “USB Lock Keeps Your Flash Drive Contents Safe”

  1. ummmm… So now a thief need only snap off the lock and use a generic usb plug to connect the flash chip to their computer. Not much real security here.

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