Star Wars USB Hand Warmers (Images courtesy Takara Tomy)

USB Hand Warmers Are Loosely Affiliated With Star Wars

Star Wars USB Hand Warmers (Images courtesy Takara Tomy)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s an endless number of gadgets and gizmos in the Star Wars universe, so you’d think that a Star Wars-themed hand warmer has the potential to be really cool. It could be shaped like a thermal detonator, made from a plush Tauntaun or even crammed into the old lightsaber standby. We’re not tired of those yet!

But unfortunately this USB powered hand warmer from Takara Tomy is as lame as it gets. It looks like a screen-less version of the iPod Nano from a few generations ago, while the Star Wars bits look like nothing more than a silk-screened image of Vader or R2D2 on one side, with the SW logo on the other. On a 2-hour charge you can expect to get 4 hours of 104°F (40?) warmth, so it’s not entirely craperrific, but I don’t even think Star Wars completists will be chomping at the bit to add these to their collections.

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