USB Flash Drive With Built-in LCD = Great Trade Show Schwag

USB Flash Drive with built-in LCD Display (Image courtesy Electronic Gadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t been to a single trade show for a few years now but only recently have I finally gotten rid of the mountains of schwag I’d somehow collected. Various LED blinking badges, pens of all sort, toys, puzzles, shirts and enough lanyards emblazoned with corporate logos to encircle the planet. But there are a few items you pick up that you just won’t get rid of. Like my Pixar Wind-up Teapots or any and all USB flash drives, no matter how small they may be.

And thanks to the plummeting costs of flash memory and other electronics it looks like promotional flash drives have gotten even slicker. A company called ‘Electronic Gadgets’ (how unique) has created a simple USB flash drive with a built-in LCD display that will flash your corporate logo or message, and that’s it. No info on the drive’s capacity or remaining storage, just your company’s branding so no one forgets where the drive came from. But if you’re worried your message will be lost when the battery dies don’t be since the display is actually solar powered.

The drive is available in capacities up to 4GB and best of all if you’re lucky enough to be at the right booth at the right time it’s completely free!

[ USB Flash Drive With Built-in LCD ] VIA [ Everything USB ]

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  1. I think you would need one of those OLEDs or whatever that dont require power to display the image otherwise you would probably run out of power.

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