USB Digital Microscope

USB Digital Microscope (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

ThinkGeek, those fine purveyors of gadgets you don’t need but always want has just added this USB microscope to their site. It uses a single lens for 20x, 50x or 200x magnification which makes me think there could be some digital zoom action going on but the samples they’ve posted on their site still look pretty decent.

There are 4 white LEDs built into the tip of the camera for extra illumination and the microscope can be removed from the stand if you want to go in for a closer look. It also includes software allowing you to take 1024×768 pixel snapshots or even record time-lapse videos. And while it’s conveniently plug and play for some reason it only supports USB 1.1.

It’s available now on the ThinkGeek website for $179.99.

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